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Last update : 26 sep 2006

Who was Jan Jans Ruijter?
What do we know about our ancestor and is there any clue where he came from?
A little history of Blokzijl
Blokzijl is the cradle of our family tree. The Ruiter family lived in or nearby Blokzijl for a number of centuries. So, this little history of Blokzijl gives background to the lives of our distant ancestors.
Ellis Island
This little interesting text was found on the internet.
Early days of my life
This little autobiography was written by Niesje Ruiter, elder sister of Emma Ruiter (see below). Niesje has her own memories of the voyage from Holland to the U.S.A.
Emigrating to America : the letter from Roelof Pieters Ruiter
In 1906 Roelof Pieters Ruiter and his wife Lammegien with their three young children emigrated to the United States. A few weeks after their arrival in Grand Rapids Roelof wrote this letter to his relatives in the Netherlands.
  Migrating Overijssel families attracted by Frisian bogs
    This article was originally published on December 07, 1996 on www.godutch.com and was written by Albert Vanderheide, who kindly allowed reproduction on my website.
In Memory Of Emma RUITER
    Emma Ruiter's parents imigrated to the United States in 1906. Emma was born in 1908 and died in 2004. This orbituary was published in a Grand Rapids news paper.

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