Other (De) Ruiter families


Next to 'our' family (De) Ruiter, other families bearing the same name can be found in the border area of Friesland and Overijssel, where our family also lived for many centuries.
Some of these are probably not related, but others might be. More research is needed.

Two large Ruiter-families, of which it is as yet unclear if they are related, appear :
  • The Ruiters from Giethoorn - ancestor is Jochem Jans Ruiter from Dinksterveen (born abt. 1660). This is also the family of the (in Friesland) famous skate maker Geert Stevens Ruiter of Akkrum and Bolsward.
  • The Ruiters from Ooststellingwerf - ancestor is Klaas Jacobs Ruiters from Sonnega? (born abt. 1700). At this time this appears to be an unrelated Frisian family.

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