The four branches


Wieger Jans Ruijter was baptized on October 6, 1661 and later married Grietje Reinders. Together they had four sons with each of them having a large offspring. At this moment around 600 decendants of each son are known.

So to improve the overall clarity I placed each son as progenitor of a separate branch :
  • Jan, baptized Januari 11, 1686 - branch 1
  • Cornelis, baptized July 6, 1688 - branch 4
  • Albert, baptized October 3, 1703 - branch 2
  • Rein, baptized February 26, 1708 - branch 3

The decendants of Cornelis were not 'discovered' unil recently. So branch 4 doesn't follow the logical numbering of the branches.

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